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Truth In Scheduling®

NetRisk™, a module for NetPoint®, allows you to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis on your project schedule. Current NetPoint users can purchase the NetRisk module for $2,500 ($2,000 plus $500 for annual maintenance). You can also buy both NetPoint with NetRisk for $6,400 ($5,000 plus $1,400 for annual maintenance). Our maintenance plan includes personal customer support and all commercial software releases, including bug fixes and feature updates. This is a concurrent license and allows for unlimited installs but only 1 user per license at a time. Install NetRisk and NetPoint on as many laptops as you like and increase licenses for multi-user concurrency as needed. Very cost effective for teams!


  • One streamlined Risk Manager interface
  • Integral process for distribution validation
  • Easily defined risk register
  • Define risk impact matrices for threats and opportunities
  • Prime Risks used to model project-based risks with unique probability
  • Industry standard RBS templates available and ready to be customized
  • Assign impacts to Prime Risks directly from the RBS
  • Efficient input of distribution data using global ranges or copy and paste