NetPoint® with Schedule MD™ PL-NRIT

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  • $1,800.00

Seeing is Planning®
NetPoint is a full-featured scheduling application suited for collaboration and teamwork on complex projects and programs. The initial purchase/license includes a one-year maintenance plan with personal customer support, and all commercial software releases, bug fixes, and feature updates.

The cost for one license of NetPoint will be $1,800 with annual maintenance starting year 2. This is a concurrent license and allows for unlimited installs but only 1 user per license at a time. Install NetPoint® on as many laptops as you like. Increase licenses for multi-user concurrency as needed. Very cost effective in team settings!


  • Schedule MD™ Analyze metrics and determine schedule reliability of P6 (.xer) and NetPoint files.
  • PolyTime® - Variable Time Units from minutes to a year
  • Import/Export Capability – with Primavera and Microsoft Project
  • Concurrent Licensing – share licenses among multiple users
  • Superior Graphical Interface
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Multi-Calendar Schedules
  • Visual Resource Modeling
  • Graphical Path Method GPM®
  • Weather Modeling
  • Activity Codes
  • Summary/Hammock Activities
  • Milestones & Benchmarks
  • Activity Filters
  • Constraint Flags
  • Target Comparisons