About PMA Technologies

We provide tools that make project management easier

PMA Technologies is a unique fusion of active PM practitioners along with accomplished software developers and designers. We are passionate about channeling our intellectual innovation into real and practical ways to improve the world of project management.

As a subsidiary of PMA Consultants, we leverage over forty years of experience in project management and scheduling innovation. We promote open communication, thorough planning, and risk management, all of which improve project understanding and execution.

We actively develop NetPoint®, a planning and scheduling app that encourages collaboration, and NetRisk™, a schedule risk analysis addition for NetPoint. Both NetPoint and NetRisk are powered by GPM®, a flexible scheduling algorithm that enables real-time feedback and new opportunities in schedule optimization.

A brief history of GPM

For years, PMA relied on non-scheduling graphics software to painstakingly produce schedules that were visually comprehensible to the non-technical person. We recognized a need for a more interactive and collaborative planning and scheduling tool that would also produce a more mutually-understandable and communicable network diagram.

Along the way, the design for activities in a network diagram was continuously refined and eventually laid the foundation for what would become NetPoint’s graphical interface. However, it wasn’t until GPM® was later developed as the foundation of this graphical interface that NetPoint began to truly take shape.